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A magnet is normally a piece of iron or steel that attracts other pieces of iron or steel. This attraction can happen naturally or can be manually. One type of natural magnet is called  lodestone, which means "leading stone". Today magnets are usually made in factories. They can be straight like bar magnets. Sometimes straight magnets are curved and are called horseshoe magnets. Other magnets are round like buttons or rings.

Magnets have different strengths also; some can hold only one piece of paper to the refrigerator door, others can pick up a car. Iron is the strongest magnetic substance. Magnets are used in many different ways such as in TV, radio, electric motors etc. Power stations are also used magnets for production of electricity. One among the magnetic materials is ferrite magnets. This section describes the details about the same.

What is Ferrite?

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Ferrite magnets are the compounds with iron oxide and ceramic materials. Iron oxide is the major component in the ferrite material. It is used for the production of permanent magnets. Normally it is non conducting in nature.

Soft Ferrite

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Soft ferrites are made up of nickel, zinc and manganese compound with iron oxide. These materials are used in transformers or electromagnetic cores. The peculiarity of these materials are they have high resistivity and low coercivity, which means the magnetization can be easily reversible. High resistivity prevents the eddy current, hence the energy loss. Due to its mentioned characteristics, it is used in RF transformers.

Hard Ferrite

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Hard ferrites are made up of barium or strontium carbonate with the iron oxide. Most of the permanent magnets are produced using this type ferrite. The significance of this particular material is that it has high coercivity which helps to produce permanent magnets.

Barium Ferrite Magnet

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Barium ferrite magnets are one of the important hard ferrite material which is composed of barium and iron oxide. It is well known for permanent magnetic applications. These materials are corrosion resistant and stable to the moisture.

Ferrite Ring Magnets

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Ferrite ring magnets are ring shaped permanent magnets. It has wide range of application due to its high coercivity and low cost. The other area of applications are in loud speakers, reed switches, security systems etc. It shows medium level of magnetism and  high resistance. But it is very brittle in nature.
Ferrite Ring Magnet