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Types of Energy


Lets take a skier standing on top of a hill. He will be owing a good amount of potential energy at such a height. He or she starts to ski down the hill by converting the potential energy to kinetic energy.

As speed increases the skier may feel uncomfortable to turn up in to the hill again where the kinetic energy is converted back to potential energy. Thus it can be justified that basically there are two types of energy - Kinetic and Potential.
Energy Types Example

Skier skating from the top of the hill

Different types of Energy

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Every being on earth exists with the help of energy. It gives the capacity to do work. Energy exists in various forms like chemical, electrical, nuclear, heat, light and mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is that the a body possesses by the virtue of its motion or position. There are two types - Kinetic and potential.

Matter in motion is what we call kinetic energy. Electrical energy, Light energy and thermal energy are the basic examples of kinetic energy whereas the energy accumulated due to its position is what we call Potential energy. Nuclear energy, chemical energy and gravitational energy are the examples of potential energy.
It is the energy a body has due to its motion. You could see kinetic energy around you like a person walking, a girl running etc. It can also be said as the amount of work the object has as a result of its motion. A body of mass m is moving with velocity v. The kinetic energy is given by
Kinetic Energy = $\frac{1}{2}$ mv2
It is a scalar quantity. Unlike acceleration, momentum, force and velocity it tells only about magnitude. Hence is a scalar quantity.
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Potential energy is that a body has due to its position.The stretched bow is the common example to express the potential energy that makes an arrow move to a larger distance. If a body having mass m falling from a height h. Its potential energy is
P.E = m g hIt is also a scalar quantity as it tells only about the magnitude.
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Different types of energy Sources

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There are two types of energy sources existing in nature:
1. Renewable Source
2. Non Renewable Source
Renewable energy sources are those that can be replenished are available naturally in excess. Non-Renewable energy sources are those which are limited in nature and cannot be replenished.
Rotational energy is the kinetic energy the body possesses due to its rotational motion. It is given by
Erot = $\frac{1}{2}$ I $\omega^{2}$Here $\omega$ is the angular velocity
I is the moment of inertia.
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Types of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy are the natural sources that are easily replenished. They have their own advantages that they improve our air quality, reducing our dependence on non renewable sources like fossil fuels and are hence eco-friendly and reduce global warming as well as are economical. These are the types of Renewable sources:
  1. Wind energy
  2. Solar energy
  3. Biomass energy
  4. Bio gas energy
  5. Geothermal energy
  6. Hydro Power
  7. OFF shore wind, wave and tidal energy