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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces


You could see that a man standing still, a body at rest, a girl having walk, a bus moving and so many things. So there lies a question that what makes a body to be in the state of rest to motion? So comes the balanced and unbalanced force concept. The newtons law explains properly about it.An object at rest will be at rest and the object in motion will continue to be so in the same speed in the same direction unless unbalanced force acts on it. So what are these balanced and unbalanced forces?

What are Balanced and Unbalanced Forces?

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Lets see balanced and unbalanced force definition:
Equal forces when acts in opposite direction on any body the resultant reaction will be zero as these forces cancel out.This is what we call balanced force as the forces are at equilibrium.
Balanced Forces
Net force = 0
Fig above shows the forces are balanced when book is kept on a table. Here the action force is weight of the book gives out gravity cancels out with the reaction force of the table

When unequal forces acts in the opposite direction these forces will be unbalanced that makes the body to move.This is what we call as unbalanced force as the forces are not at equilibrium.
Unbalanced Forces
Net force $\neq$ 0
Fig shows how the forces gets unbalanced when the book is given a push to the left side. Here there is no force to cancel out in right side hence it moves.

Balanced vs Unbalanced forces

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Here are some points where we compare balanced force with unbalanced force:

Balanced force
Unbalanced force
Here equal forces acts on body in the opposite direction Here Unequal forces acts on the body in the opposite direction
Here net force is zero The net force is not zero
The body will be at rest These unbalanced forces make the body to move

Balanced and Unbalanced Force Examples

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Lets go through some examples on balanced and unbalanced forces:

Balanced force illustration

Take a rubber ball squeeze it using palms on its opposite ends with equal forces. Whats that you could observe? The shape of the rubber ball changes. Here the force applied on the ball is equal and opposite. The rubber ball instead of moving gets deformed as long when the force is applied giving the balanced force.

Balanced Force
The body is in equilibrium as balanced forces acts on an object.The Resultant of Balanced force is Zero.

The aeroplane here illustrates the balanced force. The lift balances weight and thrust balances drag. The weight pulls in the downward direction. The thrust acts in left direction whereas the drag acts in right direction.

Aerodynamics illustration of Balanced Force
Unbalanced force illustration
A seesaw gives a very good illustration on unbalanced force. Here if unequal weights are applied on each side of the seesaw the larger weight body inclines the seesaw towards the ground. You could see in the seesaw figure the box kept on one side of seesaw has made the see saw move towards ground.