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Balanced Force


Forces exists everywhere.There are four types of force in general

  1. Balanced force
  2. Unbalanced force
  3. Contact force and
  4. Non Contact force

Although motion is in our every day life balanced forces acts around us too. When two objects interact they exert forces on each other. It doesn't have to be stationary.Sometimes it might be already moving it will continue to do so maintaining a steady speed. This tells that balanced forces are that what keeps the body in the same state even though force acts on it. Lets see about it more over here.

What is Balanced Force?

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Lets assume that two equal forces acts on a body such that each force is in opposite direction with the other. This nullifies the two forces as they cancel out giving the net force as zero.

Balanced Forces
Hence the forces are said to be balanced.

Balanced Force Definition

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A balanced force is that which does not cause the change in motion.These are the push or pull force that acts on the body giving out the net force as zero. So these forces will be balanced. Here the vector sum is zero as all the forces cancel out here.

Balanced Force Acting on the Object

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When a balanced force acts on the body. It makes the body carry on its state giving out the resultant force as zero. Hence the acceleration is zero.
Balanced Force
(+F) N + (-F) N = 0
$\therefore$ Net force = 0

Example of Balanced Force

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Here you could see some of the illustrations with pictures of balanced forces :
A person standing still

Balanced Force Example
The person standing still on the ground his weight will be balanced by the reaction from the ground. Without this reaction force the person might have sunk in the ground.

Forces in water:

Balanced Force Illustration

When boat is floating in still water the force of the boat weighs pressing the water down known as downward force. There is another force known as upthrust that presses the boat upward against the boat weight. Here weight of the boat is equal to the upward thrust.

Tug of war:

Tug of War
Consider two guys engaged in a tug-of-war. If one pulls harder, the rope moves in that direction. At that time the forces are unbalanced. Suppose if both are equally strong and pull with the equal force the rope remains in a steady state and does not move in any direction as if no forces were acting on the rope. Hence the forces acting on the rope are balanced.