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Non Contact Force


There lies many a questions like what keeps the moving bodies attract towards the earth? How come the planets move round the sun? Whats that force that gives flow of electricity? To know this here comes the concept of non contact force. Lets know more about this.
Celestial Bodies Exhibiting Non Contact Force
Planets move round the sun illustrates Non contact force

What is Non Contact Force?

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Non Contact force is a force at a distance such as gravitational force, magnetic force etc. It occurs between objects not touching each other like frictional force between the snow and skis of a down hill skier. If the sum of the forces equals zero the object remains in motion with same velocity in same direction. In other words if the object is moving with same velocity in the same direction.

Non Contact Force Definition

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Before seeing about non contact force will see what is Gravity?
Its a imaginary force pulling everything towards the point where it has its field. All the objects are pulled towards the earth without any physical contact with the objects and bodies. These are non contact forces in the most basic sense.

It can be defined as:
Forces acting on any body without any physical contact between them.
When a force is applied on some body by another object without any interaction or contact is called non contact force.

Examples of Non-Contact Forces are :
  1. Gravitational force
  2. Magnetic force
  3. Electrostatics
  4. Nuclear force.

Types of Non Contact Force

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There are three types of Non contact force namely
  1. Gravity
  2. Magnetism
  3. Electricity.

Gravitation or Gravity is that where the bodies are attracted towards earth surface.Here the force is proportional to its weight.For all the planets to be in their respective orbit around the sun gravity plays a great role which gives a good example of non contact force.

The magnetism is a phenomena that exerts a special force on other magnets or substances made up of iron. This force is also called magnetic force which is a kind of non contact force as the materials just need to be in the vicinity of the magnet.

Electricity is that force in which the force is due to flow of electrons. In short the electrons acts as a medium to the flow of electricity.

Non Contact Force Examples

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There are various examples for non contact forces we visualize in our daily life. Some of them are:
  1. Apple falls down from a tree gives a non contact force viz. gravity.
  2. Iron pins at vicinity of a magnet get attracts without any physical contact
  3. The charging of the hair by the attraction of paper bits towards it.
  4. Rain fall on earth
  5. Free fall of feather towards earth.