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Unbalanced Force


Force is an influence on a body, that is a push or a pull on a particle. In all around the world, we can feel the effect of force. One or more than one force can act on a body simultaneously. Sometimes, these forces are in same direction or may be in opposite direction. Consider a tug of war between two person. If first person is stronger he apply more force on the rope. So the second person moves toward the line. If the second person is stronger, he apply more force on the rope. Sometimes two forces are equal so, we can say that the forces are balanced. From this example, it is clear that net forces plays a role in the case of balanced or unbalanced forces. When the net force of a particle is zero, the two forces are balanced. So a balanced force can not make a motion in an object. Balanced forces are equal and opposite in direction. A body continue its motion when we apply a balanced force on a moving body. The net force on a body is non zero, this type forces are known as unbalanced forces. An unbalanced force cause the motion of an object. The details about the unbalanced forces are given below.

What is Unbalanced Force?

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An unbalance force is defined as one which is not cancelled by an equal and opposite forces acting on a body. Simply we can say that unbalanced forces produce non-zero net force. And this force changes the direction as well as the rate of motion of a moving body.The direction of the unbalanced force is same as the direction of larger force which we applied to an object.

Example of Unbalanced Forces

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Some of the examples of unbalanced forces are mentioned below:
  • The working of a parachute. Its motion is against gravity.
  • The motion of any object under a force.
  • A kick of a football is an example of unbalanced force.
  • A tug of war with different number of people on each sides
  • An unbalanced seesaw.

Pictures of Unbalanced Forces

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The given pictures represent the unbalanced forces.

Tug of War

Unbalanced Force Book Example

The Results of Unbalanced Forces

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The results of an unbalanced force is:
  • Motion of an object
  • Speeding up or slowing down of a moving body
  • Stopping of a moving body
  • The changes in direction of a moving object
  • It results the acceleration of a particle