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Myopia is a kind of vision problem, which is generally known as short sight or nearsighted disease. It is because of the stretching of the lens inside the eye. This optical problem of the eye can be rectified using the corrective or rectifying lenses.

Convex and concave lenses are used as rectifying lenses. For myopia concave lens is used as a corrective lens, whereas in the case of long sight, convex lens is used as the rectifying lens. More details are described in the next section.

Definition of Myopia

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Myopia is defined as a vision problem if the objects are in a long distance. If a person is affected by myopia he can not able to see a long distant object but a short distant object can see very clearly.

Schematic representation of normal eye and the myopia affected eye is given below :

Normal Eye


Myopia Symptoms

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The symptoms of myopia are,
  1. Distant object is not in focus, so the image is not clear.
  2. Near object are clearly seen.
  3. High myopia will affect the clear vision of near objects.
  4. The retina is very thin and small holes are present in myopic person.

What Causes Myopia?

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The causes of myopia are listed below:
  • Due to the decrease in the focal length of eye lens.
  • Stretching or elongation of the eyeball.
  • The increase in any of the curved surface in lens.

Myopia Treatment

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This can be solved using the glasses or contact lenses. Concave lens is considered as the rectifying lens in this case. This optical disease is corrected by implanting the lens through refractive surgery.

Myopia Correction