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Charged Particle


A study of elementary particle is termed as particle physics. The study and properties of charged particles are comeing under the particle physics. Positive as well as negative charges particles are present in an atom. Negatively charged particles are situated outside the nucleus and positively charged particles are present inside the nucleus. Neutral particles are also present inside the nucleus. The different charged particles and more details about them is mentioned in the below given section.


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Charged particles are nothing but the particle with an electric charge. It may be positive or negative. Positively charged particles are protons whereas negatively charged particles are electron. Positively charged electrons are termed as positron. Electrons are revolving around the nucleus and protons and neutrons are situated in the nucleus. Neutrons are neutral particle. So the nucleus is considered to be positive in nature.

Charged Particle in an Atom

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An atom is considered as a neutral system. It consists of both negative and positive charges. We know that, atom consists of a nucleus in the center part and electrons are revolving around the nucleus. These electrons are negatively charged particle. A nucleus contains proton as well as neutron. Neutron is a charge less particle and protons are positively charged particle. Since the atom is a neutral system, the number of protons are equal to the number of electrons. So the equal and opposite charge gets cancelled each other and become neutral particle.

Positively Charged Particle

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Positively charged particle in an atom is nothing but the protons inside the nucleus. An atom can change as a positive ion by emitting the electrons outside the nucleus. So, the neutral atom lost its neutrality and get more positive charge and become positive ions. These ions are very sensitive in a chemical reaction.

Negatively Charged Particle

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In an atom, negatively charged particles are termed as electrons. As mentioned earlier, electrons are revolving around the nucleus. The proton number and the electron number are equal in an atom. When an electron is removed from the atom, the net charge is becoming positive. So this type atoms is positive ions. These ions are not stable like atoms.

Charged Particle Beam

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A charged particle beam is considered as the spatial distribution of charged particle. Simply a charged particle beam is a collection of a single charge. If a stream of charge moving at the speed of light is termed as a charged particle beam. It has a proper direction. There are negatively charged particle beam and positively charged particle beam. Electron beam is an example of negatively charged particle beam.

Charged Particle in Electric Field

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A charged particle is placed in an electric field, it experience an electric force and the opposite charge is induced in the opposite side. So this charge particles experience an attractive force, it is independent of the velocity of the charged particle.

Charged Particle in Magnetic Field

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If a charged particle subjected to the magnetic field, it gets accelerated and experience a magnetic force. The direction of the motion of the charged particle is changing according to the field. The magnetic force experienced or developed is known as Lorentz force.