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Synchrotron is an earlier concept for particle acceleration. In this concept the different functions like bending, beam focusing and acceleration can be done using different components in the synchrotron. First electron synchrotron is constructed by Edwin McMillan in 1945. Synchrotron is considered as a cyclic particle accelerator which is generated from the concept of cyclotron. time dependent magnetic field is responsible for the bending movement of accelerated particles. Synchrotron


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Synchrotron is nothing but the circular particle accelerator, which produce highly intense light in the region from infrared to X-rays. The peculiarity of this accelerator is that the X-ray produced is 108 times sharper than that of the conventional method. Generally conventional X-rays are used to observe the hard tissues whereas synchrotron X-rays can detect the fine features of soft tissue.


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Synchrotron radiation is the electromagnetic radiation emitted when charged particles travel in curved paths. For high energy electrons curving in the magnetic fields of storage rings, this radiation is extremely intense over a broad range of wavelengths extending from the infrared through the visible and ultraviolet range and into the soft and hard x-ray parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. The high intensity, broad spectral range and other properties make synchrotron radiation a powerful tool for basic and applied studies in biology, chemistry, medicine and physics and their many subfields as well as in applications to technology such as X-ray lithography, micromechanics, materials characterization and trace element analysis.


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Synchrotron particle accelerator produces X-rays more brighter than that of conventional sources. This intensity helps to study the details of the soft tissue. The X-rays produced by conventional methods are less strong compared to the synchrotron source. So, the X-rays generated from the synchrotron is highly useful for medical purposes.

Light Source

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Light source which is used in a synchrotron is electromagnetic radiations. Generally the light is produced using a storage ring for various purposes. Some particle or electron accelerators are also produce the light for synchrotron. Synchrotron light source is highly applicable in different industries.