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Physics Problems


Physics is the science that attempts to describe how nature works using the language of mathematics. Physics - the study of matter, energy and their interactions - is an international enterprise, which plays a key role in the future progress of humankind. Physics generates fundamental knowledge needed for the future technological advances that will continue to drive the economic engines of the world. Many students find it difficult to even define physics, let alone grasp the subtleties of all the formulas made up of strange looking symbols. It is often considered the most fundamental of all the natural sciences and its theories attempt to describe the behavior of the smallest building blocks of matter, light, the universe and everything in between.

You really want to know how good you are at physics?
Compile some physics problems and start solving it. If you are good at basics concepts you can understand the question and solve it flawlessly. Physics is a discipline and, as such, it's a matter of training your mind to be prepared for the challenges it will present. It is absolutely essential that a physicist be proficient with mathematics. Anything that you can do to improve your mind to organize data, look for patterns, and apply information to complex situations will be valuable in laying the foundation for physical thinking that you will require.
Physics Problem
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How to Solve Physics Problems?

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Problem solving is an art best learned by practice. It requires understanding, systematic procedure, ingenuity, common sense, and creativity. If you want to solve any problems in Physics you can use these systematic steps that will help you solving problems.

1)Read the problem carefully and list all given facts
2)Draw and label a diagram to help you visualize the physical situation 
3)Take down the known facts and look for unknown variables
4)Apply the proper formula solve it and get the answer
5)Present it using proper units        

Physics Practice Problems

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You can go through some sample problems below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the energy of a photon having frequency 7 $\times$ 1014 /s.
Given: Frequency of photon f = 7 $\times$ 1014/s

The energy of a photon is
E = hf = 6.634 $\times$ 10-34 Js $\times$ 7 $\times$ 1014/s
          = 46.44 $\times$ 1020 J.

Question 2: A wheel of radius 0.5 m rotates at 400 rpm. Calculate its angular velocity.
Given: Radius of wheel = r = 0.5 m,
          Frequency of rotation = f = 400 rpm,

The angular velocity is
$\omega$ = 2 $\pi$ f = 2 $\times$ $\pi$ $\times$ 400 rpm
               = 800 $\pi$ rad s-1 = 2513.6 rads-1.

Question 3: A force of 100 N acts on a body for 3s imparts a velocity of 50 ms-1. What will be its momentum?
Given: Force F = 100 N, Time taken t = 3s, Initial velocity u = 0, Final velocity v = 50 ms-1

To find acceleration: v = u + at
Acceleration a = $\frac{v - u}{t}$ = $\frac{(50 - 0) m}{3s}$
                      = 16.667 ms-1

Mass of body m = $\frac{F}{a}$ = $\frac{100 N}{16.667 ms^{-1}}$
                        = 5.9998 kg

At the end of 3s, v = 50 ms-1

$\therefore$ Momentum p = mv = 5.9998 kg $\times$ 50 ms-1
                                              = 100 kg ms-1.