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Acoustics is the study of pressure waves in the atmosphere. These pressure waves are nothing but the sound. So, simply we can say that acoustic is the study of sound. The scope extends to higher (ultrasound) and lower (infra sound) frequencies. Acoustics reveals the information regarding the structural vibrations. Some cases, acoustic is a part of fluid dynamics.

Acoustic Definition

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Acoustics is the scientific study of mechanical waves especially sound waves. The sound wave is a longitudinal wave. It is produced due to the vibrations of the medium.

Acoustic Sounds

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Acoustic sound is nothing but the sound which is present in the acoustic domain. It can be sound or noise. Noise is the unwanted sound, the study of noise which is in acoustic domain is known as the environmental noise.

Acoustic Wave

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It is a kind of longitudinal wave which is propagated through a medium due to the adiabatic compression and rarefaction. These waves show the wave properties like reflection, interference and diffraction. It does not show polarization because it moves along the direction of propagation. The mathematical expression for acoustic wave is,
$\frac{\partial^2 p}{\partial x^2}$-$\frac{1}{c^{2}}\frac{\partial^2 p}{\partial t^2}$
p is the sound pressure
x is the displacement
c is the sound speed
t is the time

Acoustic Energy

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As we know, sound is the vibrational movement of air molecule due to the pressure difference. Since it involves the movements of particle, definitely the energy is kinetic in nature. This energy is nothing but the disturbance which is in the form of a wave. A medium is compulsory for the energy propagation but it can be solid, liquid and gas.