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Wave Energy


A wave is a disturbance which is propagated from one point to the other. During this propagation, it carries some energy. One important characteristic of a wave is, it transfer energy without transferring the matter. Wave energy is kinetic in nature. Because the energy transfer is due to the movement or propagation of waves. The energy of a wave can be understood by the amplitude itself. High energy wave has high amplitude. Energy transfer occurs in the same direction of propagation.

What is Wave Energy?

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Wave energy is nothing but the energy of a propagating wave. Wave can propagate kinetic energy. A wave has the property of carrying energy without transferring the matter. Wave energy can be determined in terms of amplitude. High amplitude wave has high energy.

Wave Energy

How Does Wave Energy Works?

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Energy is formed due to the up and down movement of a wave. Consider a point on the wave, if we notice the movement of this point, the movement will be up and down direction. This is illustrated in the given figure. This figure explains the working of a turbine wheel. If the point starts moving, this will lead to the rotation of the wheel. The movement of the point is vertical, but then it will lead to a rotational movement and this rotation of wheel produce the electricity.

How Does Wave Energy Work

Wave Energy Equation

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In the case of a transverse wave, the waves in a string; the total energy is given by the sum of the energy due to the positive and negative direction. Let x be the positive direction of the movement of particle, v is the velocity of propagation and a be the constant amplitude of the wave. The velocity does not depend on the amplitude the wave.

U(x,t) = F(x-vt) + G(x+vt)

-v and +v indicating the direction of the velocity.

Tidal Wave Energy

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Tidal wave energy is a part of ocean wave energy and it is defined as the energy of tides. Ocean wave is a natural source of energy like the sun. Using this power, we can generate electricity. This system is known as a hydro power system. The amplitude of tides are large, so it can produce high energy. According to the strength of the wave, energy is also different.

Sound Wave Energy

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Sound wave energy is generated due to the vibration of medium. Sound wave is produced because of the pressure variation. The energy can be transfer with the propagation of wave. Due to the compression and rarefaction, waves are produced and propagated through a medium. Sound is a longitudinal wave and for the propagation, medium is necessary.

Wave Power Energy

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Power of a mechanical wave is the energy to do the work. That is the energy for the effective propagation of the wave. Wave power energy can be represented using the following equation,

P = $\frac{\rho g^{2}}{64\pi }$$H^{2}T_{e}$

P is the power energy of a wave,
$\rho$ is the water density,
g is the acceleration due to gravity,
H is the wave height,
$T_{e}$ is average time interval.